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Warning: “The Vikings” TV show spoiler ahead:

I’m mourning the loss of Vladimir Kulich’s character ‘Erik’ in the History Channel’s show: “The Vikings”. How could they kill of the most epic looking bearded Viking beast in the show? Such a tragedy.

So this is how I want to look, ideally. I just need longer hair, a more Viking beard, and to lose just a biiitt more weight.

True say… Workouts have started this past weekend and then all I need to do is to stop shaving.


So the three things I can find that are semi-relevant are as follows: 

1- Source

2- No direct source (please update if you have it), but I found it here

3- same as above, but I’ve found it on multiple websites. Please list the ORIGINAL source if you know it.

Please feel free to add links to any other beard ref’s you’ve got, be it pictures, sketches or whatever. There is a huge hole in the Beard Reference tag :/ 

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